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Arctus Fenja 10

Modern dehumidifiers that effectively dehumidify your space!

arctus-fenja-10This dehumidifier is suitable for those who have houses with basements, for home owners with a laundry room or for users who simply want to, quickly and energy efficiently, dry clothes.

Fenja 10 is stylish dehumidifier with smart features and simple user interface. It is quiet, easy to move and have a user-friendly designed water tank that is easily change without spillage of water. The dehumidifier Fenja 10 is prepared for continuous drainage through a hose connection. Fenja dehumidify and purifies the air in an efficient manner by means of a cleanable prefilter.

Other smart features is auto-restart after power cuts, elective dehumidification modes, timer, fan settings and automatic stop at full reservoir.

For indoor use only.

  • Dehumidifies 10 L per day
  • Automatic restart
  • Several dehumidification modes
  • Timer
  • Several fan settings
  • Cleanable prefilter
  • Prepared for continuous drainage  through a hose connection
  • Automatic stop at full reservoir

Technical information

Model Fenja 10
Dehum. capacity 10 L / 24 h
Dehum. capacity 0,42 L / h
Maximum air flow 100 m³/h
Capacity water tank 1,9 L
Height 47,6 cm
Width 29,0 cm
Depth 20,1 cm
Weight 9,7 kg
Filter Prefilter
Sound level 34-46 db(A)
Fan modes + Auto mode 4
Power Max 220 W
Warranty 2 years

Download product sheet

Product sheet Arctus Fenja 10

Good to know!

Arctus Fenja 10 not only dehumidifies effective but also helps to clean the air.

Did you know?

Over 700,000 Swedish households are at risk of moisture problems, according to a report from “Boverket”. These moisture problems can lead to mold and rot, which in turn may lead to huge costs for homeowners.