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Arctus – Built for the toughest climate on earth

Scandinavia has one of the world’s harshest climates with large temperature swings. From grim, dry winter cold to suffocating humid summer heat, and everything that comes in between to ice and snow melting, heavy rainfall and strong winds – do we need to say more?

Our northern climate really demands a lot of everyone. Not just for us who want to create a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate, but also for all who wants to ensure the condition of our house and property. The climate is a real challenge, especially for us who have specialized in energy and indoor climate.

From this challenge, the idea was born to develop and build a series of climate products that are completely adapted for the Nordic Climate, both on the inside and on the outside, in order to cope with the Earth’s harshest climates. Arctus was born.

Several Arctus products are made for indoor air handling but today we live in a reality where energy supply and management is increasing in importance. Therefore, we have also developed Arctus PV system that allows you to CREATE your own energy. We created Arctus Sunna, a contribution that makes a real difference to the environment and not least of all – your wallet.

Arctus is a Swedish brand that is both designed and developed by Kinnan AB. Kinnan Group has successfully delivered supported and indoor climate solutions since the mid 80’s.

Arctus represents:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Scandinavian quality
  • Right indoor climate 365 days a year
  • Energy efficiency

Welcome to Arctus!

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Arctus Fenja 10

Fenja 10 is stylish dehumidifier with smart features and simple user interface.

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Arctus Fenja 20

Fenja 20 is quiet, easy to move and have a user-friendly designed water tank that is easily change without spillage of water.

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Arctus Fenja 25

The latest dehumidifier with new smart features such as a clothes drying function and with a 4D filter that prevents mold, fungus and bacteria – factors that contribute to poor air quality.

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